4 Easy Fashion Tips to Try Today!

November 9, 2017

You guys know me…my daily goal is to feel like I’m wearing pyjamas while looking put together on a daily basis. I will always choose comfort over everything but I still want to look cute. I was recently invited to try out an amazing service offered through Yorkdale Mall called the Yorkdale Style Experience in the Style Concierge Lounge by American Express! For $150, you are given a two hour session which includes a private change room (and I’m not talking the tiny ones where you can’t even bend over without hitting your heads…think bigger than my first apartment when I moved out of my mom’s house) plus a personal stylist. The personal stylist will help you determine your body type and personal style and then will pull pieces from various stores around the mall and help you pair outfits and update your look. I love that this service is offered because for those of us who can be really intimidated by trendy stores or busy change rooms this service truly offers a relaxing and non threatening environment! Plus your session comes with complementary Valet parking….yup!

Based on the inspiration I received from the Style Concierge Lounge, I’ve put together 4 easy fashion trips to try today!

  1. play with monochrome!

    For years I felt guilty over the fact that I wasn’t someone who flocked to colour but now I’ve embraced it as who I am! The fact that I tend to gravitate more to neutral tones and less vivid colours doesn’t mean I’m boring; it just means I need to get creative with my outfits so they’re not boring! I love playing with textures and fabrics within a monochrome pallet to maintain interest in my outfits like this cozy white cardigan  or camel coloured sweater featured below!







































I LOVE the texture of this Maska Trench Coat






















































































































Here I’m playing with pinks and reds! How cute is THIS BERET?! BTW that lipstick is my all time fav that you guys ask me about all the time!

2. Step out of your comfort zone a little!

I think it’s key when you want to update your style to step out of your comfort zone a little! Have you always wanted to rock a bold lip but been too scared to try? TODAY’S THE DAY LADYPANTS! My heart pitter-pattered when I saw these Steve Madden blue suede boots but then I thought oh I wouldn’t really wear those though… but you know what?! I tried them on, loved them and they’re singlehandedly the most swooned over item on my insta by you guys on over the past month!




















































































3. A Statement clutch can bring an outfit together!

This is a mistake I see all too often in not only my own fashion but others as well. We put an awesome outfit together but then we shlep around the same ‘ol purse each day! OR (guilty) go out to run errands in sweats and a designer bag (and not the cute sweats…the kind that looks like they staged a rebellion against your body in 2010 but as a sign of submission and oppression you force them to be worn by your body to this day as a reminder to the rest of your wardrobe who’s the boss. Taking the time to pair the right purse with the right outfit can take your fashion from cute to WOW!































































Can we have a moment for this adorable Kate Spade Poppy clutch?! I died when I saw it!!

4. Channel your inner Kanye… “She got the same shoes as my wife but she copped ’em at Aldo”

Yup…I found a way to work Kanye lyrics into a momblog *drops the mic.

When I saw this trench from Maska I thought ‘this is too extra for me’ but my eye kept going to it like a dog who sees a squirrel! I decided to go for it…channel my inner Kanye and rock some fierce photos! You know what?! Fashion is the same way! Sometimes you need a little something in your wardrobe that makes you feel badass! Something that picks up your spirits, makes you feel confident and like you can conquer the world! It doesn’t have to be a gold trench coat, but whatever it is, have something in your wardrobe that can be your ‘ Wonder Woman Costume’ cause YOU ARE WONDER WOMAN!


Honourable mention to these super hot boots…I could style these so many ways, they’d be bound to like one of them (that sounded dirty…keeping it in haha!)

Special thanks to Bettina Bogar for capturing these images and Yordale mall Style Concierge presented by Amex for making all of this possible! You can learn more about the service here!

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  • Reply RaeDean Kendall November 9, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    So is this why you went to New York? I’m not much for fashion because I’m on a very tight budget. I love the pictures though. You always look so pretty. I don’t care if you don’t think you do. You’re just a pretty lady.

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