5 Tips for Keeping Your Office Organized

January 26, 2015
office organization, organization, office tour

office organization, organization, office tourIf you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel then you will know that I recently posted a video on how I organized my office and I gave you guys an office tour. So I thought I would share with you 5 easy tips for keeping your own office space organized at home or at work! If you missed that video, you can click to watch it below. If you know anyone trying to get organized, I’d love for you to share this post with them via Facebook or twitter (sharing buttons are at the bottom of this post).

office organization, organization, office tour

Without further Adieu:

1. Make it Pretty!

You have to like your space. If you don’t like the way your space looks, you’re less likely to want to keep it clean. If your space is somewhere you’re proud of, you’ll naturally want to nurture it with keeping it looking pretty! If it’s a home office, decorate and paint the room (or a wall in your room) your favourite colour. If it’s a work office bring in a cute pen holder, pictures and such.

2. Make it Fun and Make it Yours!

As you can see in my video, I played a lot with texture and colour in my office to make it fun and I also mixed in a lot of sentimental things as well as things to make my laugh when I need a break. Keeping your space sentimental and fun helps to keep you inspired but it also makes your space something you can be proud of and want to keep looking nice.

3. Compartmentalize!

A place for everything and everything in its place. Often desk drawers become a great abyss to our pens, highlighters, scissors etc. As you can see in the video, creating little compartments to hold all your do-dads help to keep things easy to find and easy to keep where they belong.

4. Out With The Old!

We have a tendency to hoard in offices. Everything seems important to keep and we fear the feeling of “oh shoot I needed that and I threw it out!” As you can see in my video, I keep a system of filing to organize my personal, home, family and business life and a system for my taxes where I shred as I bring in a new year. It’s the typical “one in one out” rule. For every year of taxes you do, the oldest year is shredded (make sure you follow your country’s guidelines of how long to keep your taxes but if they only require you to keep the past 7 years, then you don’t need to keep 10 years worth “just incase!”

5. Make it Work For You!

Everyone’s brain works differently and because of this, everyone’s organizing systems will differ. Find a system that works for you. If you’re a visual person, then keeping a list of to-do’s in a notebook tucked in your desk won’t work. You probably will benefit from a to-do list mousepad! Make a list of systems that have worked for you in the past and ones that haven’t; chances are there’s a pattern there for the type of organization system that works for you. Discover it and find creative ways to bring that system into various aspects of your office.


What are your tips for keeping your office organized? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply Davina Koger May 11, 2016 at 9:39 am

    Truly enjoy your blogs and video. You lead a very fruitul life. Your faith in God is so obvious and you appear to very comfortable and secure in your life.

    • Reply Elle Lindquist June 2, 2016 at 8:37 pm

      Thanks Davina!

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