October 19, 2017

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know that I get the declutter, organize and redesign bug often. I tend to get bored with spaces and I love a good spruce up to give the space life again! Recently I had a fun idea of going through every room of my house as a series on my YouTube channel, giving it a massive decluttering and organization according to the Konmari method and then redesigning and redecorating the space to make it feel new and updated! This will be a series I’ll be following for a while on my channel but I wanted to start with my bathroom!

You can watch the before process here. The decluttering and organizing is so motivating and satisfying to watch!

If you’re wondering if this is a new idea of mine, wonder no more! You can watch me organize and declutter the space years ago when we first moved into the house (I was about a million months pregnant with Forde!) Now get ready because the video is long, the quality is low and it was early in my career, but it’s interesting to see how my methods for decluttering and organizing haven’t changed but my style has!

So once my bathroom was organized in a way that was both functional and visually appealing it was time to redesign! I didn’t hate the way my bathroom looked but it no longer fit my design taste…I wanted a totally different look but I had champagne taste on a water budget!

I had this crazy idea to paint my bathroom cabinets a bright and fun colour! I had seen similar ideas on Pinterest before, but nothing like how I pictured it in my head. You also should know that I’m not a DIYer and so the idea was intimidating but the excitement over the potential finished product excited me more than my lack of experience scared me! I chose the colour Clear Aqua by Behr because it was bright and fun but with the muted cool tone, it also appealed to the neutral tones that you guys know I gravitate towards.

The first step in this DIY was to remove the cabinets. Pretty simple.

Next I primed the cabinets with a primer specially formulated to create a stick-to finish which would be needed since I was painting laminate and wanted these to be durable as they’re in a high traffic area. I found my sponge brush and small sponge roller were super helpful for achieving quick painting but effective coverage (both were suggested by the Home Depot staff who were very helpful and encouraging that indeed I could do this myself!)

One suggestion I would have is painting both coats of your primer on the same side (leaving a few hours between coats before applying again) before switching to the other side of the cabinets. This way I didn’t have to worry about covering paint dribble marks from switching sides while the paint was still wet and I feel like my workflow was faster since I could complete one full side entirely before switching them over.

Once the two primer coats we finished I painted two coats of the Clear Aqua. Another tip I’d have to make the process more time efficient was to not use tape. A) ain’t nobody got time for that B) It was faster and easier to use a plastic edger than it was to worry about taping straight lines and then worrying about pealing off the paint you just laid when trying to remove your tape. For example when I was painting next to the wall and floor, I used a small piece of plastic I had lying around as my straight line (but a piece of straight cardboard would also work just fine). Painting on top of both my surface and the plastic when needed to create a clear line and then moving my plastic up a few inches each time to move along the wall or floor was super easy. It can’t be scientifically proven but I feel like it saved me time and hassle. Little hack for you mommas who, like myself, are always looking for ways to shave a little extra time!

Once everything was painted two coats on both sides it was time to screw everything back into place. Not much work involved there, just some screws and your screwdriver!





































The other elements which I think deserve mention are my new affordable artwork. Have you guys heard of Society6? I hadn’t and was thoroughly ticked no one had ever told me about them! It’s an amazing website that curates artists to design amazing pieces that can then be custom made into whatever you want (prints, bath mats, shower curtains, throw pillows, duvets, area rugs…you name it!) I love that everything is super unique, trendy and has a really artistically curated feel while still being super affordable! The cheeky prints and bath mat are both from them and I love them!

To see the full reveal of how everything came together in the end as well as see how I’ve organized my redesigned bathroom watch my newest video here

You can shop elements of my bathroom below as well as this cute boobie bath mat which I think is hysterical and amazing!

I think the room came together so well and I was able to completely transform the space in under $275! what do you think of the before and after results? Do you like the room? Let me know!

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  • Reply Angelica Garcia October 19, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Wow, you did all that in under $300!

  • Reply Sandra October 21, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    Can You post a picture of the Vans of primer and Paint pls

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