Easy DIY toy storage makeover!

September 1, 2017

If you’re someone who’s been watching my channel for a while, you’ll know I’m a bit obsessive with home design and decor. let me preface this post by saying that for some of you, this will be far too OCD …which I am admitting it is in full. However, for some of you like myself who obsess over every detail of their home, you’re going to love this recent easy DIY toy storage makeover I thought of.

For a while now, something has felt off with our playroom. Despite my continued efforts to minimize the clutter, organize the space and keep up a certain aesthetic appeal, the space always felt cluttered and confused to me. I’ve mentioned this on the channel before, but one of the things that bugs me about baby and toddler toys is the overuse of bright, in-your-face primary colours. I prefer the vibe of toys like Hape, BToys, Ikea etc.which my kids still love to play with, but offer the modern, Scandinavian style that I love. I try to buy these more than the bright plastic ones but let’s face it; the plastic ones are the ones most often gifted to your children as well as the ones that are cheaper and more readily available…bonus points if they make obnoxious noises.

toy is available here.

So there I was one morning, coffee in hand, toddlers at feet, staring once again at the wall of toys in our playroom when it dawned on me: most of the visual offence in the playroom is the overuse of bright, obnoxious primary-coloured (often multi coloured) toys more than the amount of toys itself. Then a lightbulb went on. If I could spray paint some of the blocks bins and rearrange a few things, this could make all the difference. I’ve never driven to Home Depot so fast.

For the small investment of $24, I was able to procure 2 cans of rose gold spray paint and with the glee of an overexcited school girl on her first day of class, I rushed home to test my DIY. I used this one in the colour Copper Rose but also think this one would be just as wonderful. Let me be clear: I’m not normally a DIYer, I have DIY ideas, but rarely do I ACTUALLY DIY; I tent to just Dream-IY. But this seemed, so simple, like such an easy fix if it played out in real life like it did in my head.

The spraying of the toy bins couldn’t have been easier. I have no prior experience spray painting yet that was very quickly a non-issue. I found spraying the plastic bin took less coats than the cardboard one, but that could’ve just been because the cardboard one had more colours to cover. In any case both were thoroughly covered in 3 coats.

As indicated in the instructions, it was easiest to do a thin layer, let it dry for an hour and then reapply another layer and built the layers up gradually. I’ve since gone a bit nuts to be honest. I’ve sprayed a picture frame in my office, some metal decor around my house, I’ve even gone so far as spraying my Soda Stream to match the knobs in my kitchen. Insert eye roll. I can’t stop myself…I love it.

I’m thrilled with the outcome. I think it gives the playroom a more designed feel without taking away from its purpose as a place for my children to play and imagine. It’s also a very cost effective way of giving your current space and decor a nice new overhaul! I don’t think I can bring myself to go this far, but I even think spraying some toy cars gold and black could be super cute!


What do you think? Is there something around your house that could benefit from the spray paint face lift? Let me know in the comments!

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