EXTREME CLOSET DECLUTTER! 4 easy tips to help you declutter!

September 26, 2017

Are you ready to get motivated and inspired? Need a pick-me-up? Get Ready! 

I recently decided to completely declutter and reorganize my bedroom closet and I thought I would vlog the whole process. Some of you may not know that in university I started a company called O.C.D. (organizing, cleaning and decluttering) and my motto was “Let me neurosis work for you!” I would go into people’s homes and help them declutter, clean and organize their spaces and I truly loved doing it. When I started my youtube channel I did a lot of organizing videos but for some reason stopped when I started doing more vlogs. Well guess what…I’m back! I’m still going to be vlogging, but I want to incorporate more of what also rounds out my personality! I know so many of you are already excited for the change!

So to debut the new series I’m starting with my closet. When I had my company O.C.D., the first thing I would do is encourage my clients to take everything out of the space they were organizing and to then sort through their things from one pile. Getting the items out of their ‘home’ helped my clients to see their items in a new light (literally) and it makes it easier and less emotional to decipher what to keep and what to donate.

I would then have my clients sort through their things in 3 piles (sometimes 4):

  1. keep
  2. donate
  3. think about
  4. trash

The reason I used the “think about” pile was to help keep up the momentum of cleaning and decluttering. I found that if clients spent too much time agonizing over each item it killed the momentum and the stamina was cut in half if not more. For this reason, anything you’re not sure of, put aside to deal with afterwards.

Once you have your sorted piles you can go through your “think about” pile. Spend time with each item and ask yourself:

  1. how often do I wear this?
  2. when I look at this piece does it bring me joy?
  3. can I think of a few different outfits I can make with this item?
  4. if I were in a store today and I saw this item on the shelf would I choose to purchase it again?

For some reason, tip #4 seems to really help when you’re stuck deciding!

You can watch my full decluttering video of this process here

Once all of that sorting is done it’s time to put your items back into the closet! I will be giving a full closet tour later on this week, but for now you can watch my closet organization playlist on YouTube to get some inspiration!

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