Gel Polish At Home…is it worth the money?

December 7, 2014
Gel Polish Review

The newest revolution in nail polish is here…at-home gel polish that doesn’t require a UV light to cure! At first glance this seems like a great product!I love the longevity I get from gel polish but I hate the commitment to the nail salon and the havoc it wreaks on my nails.

This is why I was so excited when Sally Hansen and Revlon both came out with their non-UV gel polish. Both claim to have polish last up to two weeks…I was up to the challenge!

Let me give you a polish benchmark. Most quality polishes (Butter London, OPI etc.) last about 3 days before chipping on me. I am not gentle on my nails; I wash dishes (without gloves…gasp!) With this as our benchmark let’s begin with #SallyHansenMiracleGel.Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

I like the formulation of this polish and I found both the small brush and the varnish itself extremely easy to apply. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

After one coat, my nails were slightly translucent but well covered.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

A second coat of the polish and my nails were completely opaque! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

However, after just two days my nails were already chipped!Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

With heavy hearts, let’s move onto #RevlonColorstayGelEnvy.

With a more watery consistency, I prefer the application of Sally Hansen to Revlon polish. Although like Sally Hansen, the Revlon brush is short and easy to apply polish with.Revlon Colorstay Gel Polish

After one application, the colour was very translucent.Revlon Colorstay Gel Polish

A second application provided more of an opaque coverage, but not as much as Sally Hansen.Revlon Colorstay Gel PolishWhere Revlon comes out ahead is in longevity! After 4 days the polish was only beginning to chip!Revlon Colorstay Gel Polish

Final Thoughts:

When taking into account ease of application, Sally Hansen’s polish wins by a long-shot. Both polishes take a longer-than-average drying time (each about 30 mins). In terms of longevity (which is what most people are specifically buying this polish for), both polishes didn’t impress me hugely. I was impressed that the Revlon polish lasted almost double the wear of my regular polish, but when considering claims of lasting up to two weeks, both polishes don’t hold up.

If you’re looking for a polish that will get you an extra day or two of wear, then I would recommend #RevlonColorstayGelEnvy but don’t expect to get two weeks without chipping because you simply won’t.

What’s your favourite brand of polish? Let me know on Twitter & in the comments below!

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