The Newest Member of My Canon Family

May 14, 2017

good morning GOOD MORNING!

Brought to you by Canon PIXMA and TheCO.

Recently I was asked to review the Canon Pixma TS9020 printer & was thrilled to try it out! As you know, our family is very loyal to the Canon family with all our cameras, lenses, and current printer from them! When I was asked to review their printer, I was THRILLED as I was already in love with my current printer.

The overall look of the printer is super sleek and streamlined which pairs nicely with my Scandinavian minimal office decor. The printer was super easy to set up and I LOVE that it offers wireless printing capabilities. It allows me to keep my desk as free as I please and with a newly walking baby, I don’t have to worry about him tripping over cables. I can print from any computer in my home (or even my phone wirelessly); hello 2017! Best part? I can print something from my phone while the printer is off and it will turn itself on to print!

Quite possibly my favourite feature is the paper tray. With a toddler and baby roaming free it was tedious to keep paper in my older printer because without fail, Cohen or Forde would rip the paper from the tray rendering it useless & it was annoying to have to stock the printer with paper each time I needed to print. With the Pixma TS9020, I’m able to store paper within the confines of the printer itself, allowing for chic appearance & disguised paper storage from my kids…everybody wins…except the kids but you get my point.

The quality of the print is phenomenal. I was genuinely shocked to discover how QUICKLY it printed! Moreover, unlike other printers, the Pixma TS9020 keeps separate colour cartridges for each colour allowing me to waste less ink (because let’s face it, how often do we print yellow?!)

The scanning function is something I use quite often in my mommy-vlogging business. Signing & sending contracts to brands is something I do on the regular & I love that the quality of the scanner gives my documents a professional look (as opposed to the reality that I’m signing the contracts with a baby on the hip while I’m burning dinner).


Check out how I incorporate the Canon PIXMA into my everyday life


For more ideas on how to use your Pixma check out

If you’re in the market for a new printer I would HIGHLY suggest the Canon PIXMA TS9020. Thanks to Canon for partnering with me in this post!

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