My Sleep Training EBook

Sleep Training the Loving Way: Successfully Sleep Train Without Trauma in One Week contains step-by-step instructions outlining how to successfully and lovingly sleep train for every phase of your child (newborn, infant, baby and toddler), a suggested sleep schedule, plus multiple check lists and quick reference charts which you can print out to reference as often as you need! Each phase of the program is separated into the various sleep phase needs of your child so you can ensure you know exactly what to do when! No matter how old your child is or what their current sleep looks like, this EBook will help you and your child learn healthy sleep habits which benefits their brain development and your peace of mind! You can learn more about it here!

I didn’t want cost to be a barrier for anyone, so I have priced this EBook at only $29.99! As always, 10% of all sales will go directly to our #GivingBack charity campaigns!

$29.99 USD

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