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  • My Sleep Training EBook is Available NOW!

    When I filmed my SLEEP TRAINING YOUR BABY IN 1 WEEK (SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT TIPS)! Video two years ago, I had no expectation that it would get more than 260 thousand views nor that I…

    September 21, 2017
  • My Makeup Collection + Organization!

    I get asked a lot what foundation I use or what lipstick I’m wearing and so I wanted to do a video showing you my makeup collection plus how I organize all my makeup!…

    September 7, 2017
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    Stay Fit During Pregnancy

    In the past, women were told that being active during their pregnancy was not safe. Women were instructed to not lift their arms above their heads and to not lift anything over 20 lbs.…

    August 20, 2014
  • prevent-stretch-marks, stretch-mark-prevention, maternity, maternity-photo, st.ives-replenishing-lotion, st.ives, prenatal

    Prevent Stretch Marks

    I’m someone who is proud of my fit and muscular abdomen, so when I found out I was pregnant I was worried that after doing the work to get my body back, I might…

    July 29, 2014
  • Labour Hospital Bag Packing Checklist

    Knowing what to bring with you when it’s time to go to the hospital can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you bring all of the necessary items (it’s not like you’ll…

    July 26, 2014
  • Gender Reveal

    Finding out the gender of our baby was something that we wanted to make extra memorable. So, when I went for my scan, I asked the technician to either write down girl or boy…

    July 26, 2014
  • First Pregnancy

    When I first found out I was pregnant (after getting over the shock & excitement), I had high visions of me updating you all on my pregnancy development week-to-week leading up to my delivery.…

    July 26, 2014