Ultimate Stairmaster Workout

January 21, 2015
hiit, stairmaster, workout, cardio

If you’re like me, you have a love hate relationship with the stairmaster cardio machine. I’ve dubbed it the #stairmasterofdeath! I love the results but I hate the effort! I think it’s one of the most challenging cardio equipment out there so it makes for the best calorie burns plus it give you a nice booty and leg toning workout in the process. The trouble is making myself stay on it! Fortunately for both my body and my mind, a HIIT workout is the key. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s the most effective way to burn fat and train your cardiovascular health. It’s bursts of high intensity mixed with lower intensity recovery periods. I have created a stairmaster HIIT workout that burns through 40 mins of cardio before you know it…promise! It’s not an easy workout by any means but because of the frequent changes in intensity, the time goes by very quickly and as a nice little perk the frequent changes also make for a fantastic calorie burn! Feel free to share this post with anyone you feel would love this workout! I also posted it on my instagram page so you can repost it and tag me in it if you try it! hiit, stairmaster, workout, cardio

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